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You are an American tourist ready to return home when a misadventure with a magpie renders your passport ruined.

Knowing you now have some unscheduled time in Australia, your childhood friend asks you to track down her twin brother, Marcus, who was last known to be on a working holiday in the Victorian country town of Phillipston. Upon arriving there, you discover that he is not the only one who has disappeared; in the past two years, four others have vanished into the bush.

Upon further investigation, you find that Marcus belongs to a group of online fortune seekers fixated on a poem, “Call of the Golden Valley,” by miner-turned-bush poet “Possum” Jon Harvey. Convinced that the poem holds the key to Possum Jon's stash of gold, they ventured one-by-one into the forest to seek the alleged treasure. Your job is to unravel where they believed the poem was leading them, and hope that you’re not too late for Marcus…

Call of the Golden Valley is a first-person, female-protagonist adventure based on exploration and deduction.

* Explore the beautiful and mysterious countryside of Victoria, Australia through stunning 3D graphics.
* Meet and talk to the locals. Characters react to the choices you make, so choose carefully!
* Use your laptop to do some "online" investigation.
* Call your friends and family with your cell phone.
* Make deductions on your deduction board. Complete with thumbtacks and string!
* Explore the locale and find clues.
* Unravel fact from fiction as you solve the mystery of an alleged golden treasure.
* Features subtitles for all important sounds.


Demo 818 MB
MacBuilds.app.zip 515 MB

Install instructions

Windows: Download file, unzip it, and double click "HDRP Test.exe" to launch. 

Mac: Download file, and unzip it. The folder may need to be given read and write permissions (open terminal, type "cd <WHERE YOU UNZIPPED IT>/Contents/MacOS; chmod 777 . ") Double click on the app to launch once permissions have been granted. You can read more about changing file permissions here: https://support.apple.com/en-au/guide/terminal/apdd100908f-06b3-4e63-8a87-32e712...

Requires keyboard and mouse.

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